Sherwood Studios

Ready to rock? We can help.

A cozy lounge with couches and chairs, reading material, and a big-screen in our bright, open reception area provides a comfortable place for parents, and a safe space for students, waiting on a lesson.

Rock, jazz, country, blues, pop… whichever way your toe taps, we offer private and/or group instruction for all ages available from courteous, professional teachers qualified to deliver lessons in drums, percussion, guitar, keyboard, vocals, ukulele, cajon, bass, mandolin and piano.

We also offer unique, exciting daily and weekly events throughout the year.

PD Day Events:
Looking for a fun and informative environment for children during school PD days? Sherwood has the answer with a day filled with lessons, store tours, interesting side projects and a lunch, often with a take home instrument of some sort.

Band Camps:
3 times a year during March Break, July and August, Sherwood holds week long Band Camps.

Band Camp is a fantastic experience to learn and experiment on a variety of instruments, discover how to build out songs from ground up, explore the store, meet new friends, hang out with special guests, and end the week with a live performance on stage with lights and PA system! Parents are welcome to attend and encouraged to scream and shout.

Ages generally range from 7-16 years old. Lunches, videos and photos are included in the package.

Check out Event Calendar for dates, or contact our Lessons Manager for details at 519-745-6154, or.