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(Show) Hacienda – Vidyard

December 9, 2016

Sean C (A1) *
Davian H (V1) *
Kevin C (LX) *
Zane C (I/O) *

Shop Call: 8:30am
Onsite: 9:00am
Show End: 1:00am (Saturday)

HINO (Zane C)
P.V. (Davian H)


Vidyard Party c/o Emmanuel Patterson
3×5 Panel Video Wall

Friday Dec 9th

Producer             Collin McKinnon 519-803-2165/ Emmanuel Patterson 416-260-4220/ Laura Flatt 226-929-6157

Venue                 Claudia Francescutti (Account Manager)


9:00am               Sherwood Systems Crew Load in through rear service door and setup and systems check (Ryan McAdam from Sherwood Systems is our Account Manager 519-745-6154)

12 noon              VR games arrive. Placed on either side of the fire place in 10×10 footprint each unit getting a 15-amp circuit located on wall. Load in through rear service door and set up and tested

1:00pm               Sherwood Systems Crew stop for a 30-minute break if they wish

1:30pm               The Test Icicles arrive, load in through rear service door (Mike B is band leader)

1:30pm               The Test Icicles band room should be available to them at load in (known as Groom’s Room by venue-2nd floor stage right)

1:30pm                 Vidyard Foosball tables will be delivered

3:00pm               The Test Icicles sound check for 60 minutes. Band bring their own on-stage Fly Pack to interface with Sherwood Systems S/L rig

4:00pm               DJ Vibe arrives and sound checks and checks patching with Sherwood Systems techs

4:00pm               Wayback Arcade loads in 2 games to be place directly across from VR games against 2 closed doors (Dave Ball is the contact at 519 573 1361)            

5:00pm               The Test Icicles goes to McCabe’s for dinner (band rider less alcohol will be taken care of by Laura-thanks Laura)

5:00pm               Collin/Sherwood/Claudia make final touches and venue is ready


6:55pm               DJ Vibe starts low volume cocktail style set

7:00pm               Guests arrive to welcome cocktail and DJ music

8:15pm               The Test Icicles play 45-minute set (quick changeover for use of 2 mikes for Michael and Devon)

9:00pm               Devon and Michael address Vidyardian’s from stage

9:15pm                 Vidyard year-end video sizzle reel from LED wall (approx. 5 min)

9:20pm                 Rap Committee perform one song (approx. 5 min)  

9:30pm               The Test Icicles play 60-minute set

10:30pm             DJ Vibe plays set

11:15pm            The Test Icicles play 45-minute set

12:00am             DJ Vive plays until end of evening (Collin pays DJ Vibe)

12:15am             Last Call

1:00am               Party ends

1:00am               Sherwood Loads and The Test icicles load out.

I just spoke with the guys doing the wrap, this is how they would like it to play out:

  1. Mike & Devon Speech
  2. Blooper Video
  3. Mike says some closing words (likely about how we’re going to run film wars)
  4. Mike gets cut off at some point (15-20 seconds in). Lights turn off, beat drops
  5. Blake/Amar start rapping, lights turn on and we’re on stage.



December 9, 2016
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Hacienda Sarria
1254 Union St
Kitchener, ON N2H 6K4 CA