Always wanted to play an instrument? Brushing up on your skills? Our warm and inviting lessons area is sure to light a creative fire in you.


Vanessa DeFreitas - Voice and Piano

As an alumna of both McMaster and Mohawk, Vanessa is no stranger to music education. With a strong background in classical vocals and piano, she provides her students with all of the technical know-how one could possibly require, along with a healthy dash of encouragement and enthusiasm. Her experience in and passion for music education is a serious asset, and we are so thankful to have her lead our lessons department.

Sam Dlugokecki - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion and Ukulele

Sam brings his immense and diverse talents to Sherwood along with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and determination. Sam is a perfect fit for students seeking to hone their musicianship in many areas. However, his talents don’t end in the teaching room; Sam is a long-time collaborator with Juno-nominee Alysha Brilla. And as if that weren’t enough, he also performs regularly with his one-man band act, Sammy Duke. Sam’s infectious passion has been a constant source of inspiration for all of us at Sherwood, and we are so proud to have him share it with our students.

Brett Bossenberry - Guitar

Brett covers ground from traditional classical playing, lovely jazz guitar, all the way to blistering arena rock guitar solos, which should come as no surprise with an insane amount of knowledge and experience. Outside of teaching with Sherwood, Brett carries the torch for his namesake, tuning pianos with Bossenberry Piano. Brett also performs alongside Sherwood co-owner, Grant Cummings in his band Glider. Frankly, we are so grateful that he’s made Sherwood his home, because he’d be some serious competition otherwise.

Dave Menard - Drums

Equipped with a degree from Humber College’s music performance program, Dave has the theoretical know-how to supplement his vast musical knowledge, giving him a truly balanced skillset. He is a fantastic fit for any drum student, serious or otherwise, and is always quick with some supportive words and light-hearted candor. Locally, you can find Dave playing with multiple bands. With his wealth of gigging experience and his laid-back attitude, Dave is a huge asset to Sherwood, representing the Sherwood team both on and off the stage.

Edwin Gutierrez - Drums

As a high-school music teacher in Columbia, Edwin’s confidence and drive is sure to keep any student on track – he has them all playing beats by the end of their first lesson. Despite the clear obstacles that Edwin has had to overcome, he has become an indispensable part of the Sherwood team and we are so thrilled to have Edwin share his unique experiences and interests, as well as his positive and determined attitude with our students.

JoJo Worthington - Ukulele and Voice

As our resident Ukulele teacher, JoJo has a responsibility that extends beyond simply teaching: she is the standard bearer for the fastest growing instrument in recent years. Beyond teaching for Sherwood, JoJo has a rich creative life, performing her experimental-indie-folk music alongside ethereal vocals and vivid story telling. With her gentle, creative spirit she injects huge life into the pint-sized instrument, and we are so proud to have her share that forward-thinking ethic with our students.

Jason Walsh - Guitar

Jason Walsh and his guitar(s) are nearly inseparable, and with 30 years in the studio, on stage and in the practice room, you will be hard-pressed to find a musical scenario he hasn't faced many times over. Just ask him. Jason is available to teach electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, as well as music theory, plus his invaluable experience as a writer, producer, performer and vocalist will ensure that whatever you are curious about, J will have an answer.